Power 277 Las Vegas Power Supply Warehouse

Power 277 is a Mean Well Stocking Warehouse located in Las Vegas, NV. Offering World Wide Safety Approvals, full factory warranties, RoHS Compliant, with a quality power supply at a competitive cost. Stocking in excess of 5,000 different power supply models.
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Power Supply Unit

What Are Power Supply Units?

One question you might be hesitant to ask is, “What is a power supply?” Don’t be reluctant to ask. The answer is pretty simple, but it should be for us. At Power277, this is our job. For example, after hiring a CPA to file your taxes, you should feel confident that they understand the most… Read more »

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LED Drivers - Power Supplies From Power 277

New Mean Well Products – IDLC/IDPC-65 Series

IDLC/IDPC-65 Series ~ 65W Plastic Housing/ PCB Type Flicker Free Constant Current Output LED Driver (with PFC) Once the 45W IDLC-45 and IDPC-45 series which with flicker free design of MEAN WELL are released to the market, they have become popular and widely adopted by indoor LED lighting system designers that MEAN WELL decides to… Read more »

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Brand New – ODLC-45/65 Series LED Driver

ODLC-45/65 Series (45W/65W Plastic Housing Flicker Free Constant Current Output LED Driver with PFC) Soon after two flicker free design indoor LED drivers, the IDLC family (plastic housing type) and the IDPC family (PCB board type) are released to the market, MEAN WELL keeps working on enlarging the product line of flicker free function and… Read more »

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