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Power 277 Magnetic Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find a list of Magnetic frequently asked questions. You can also browse our other FAQ sections through the buttons above. If you have any additional questions that are not listed in any of the FAQ section we have on our site, please feel free to contact us at: 877-878-2348

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  • Q1: Are all Magnetic power supplies dimmable?


    *AC/DC products have all been bench tested with the dimmers on the compatibility list provided: Dimmer Compatibility List

    *AC/AC products have also been bench tested with the dimmer on the compatibility list provided: Dimmer Compatibility List

    *Constant Current drivers will work with any TRIAC dimmer on the market other than ELV and 0-10v dimmers. We have done testing with all of the TRIAC dimmers on the Dimmer Compatibility List, although there are many others from other companies in which we have not tested with.

    We recommend that you do your own preliminary testing with other dimmers that are not on the list to check compatibility.

    *277V AC and DC products are supposed to work with MLV dimmers that can capacitate 277V input, although we have not done much testing on our own. We recommend that if you find an MLV dimmer with a 277V input to do testing beforehand.

  • Q2: Will the dimming power supplies work with all the dimmers offered on the “Dimmer Compatibility List”?


    *Yes, they have been tested with an array of LED Lighting systems although you will hear about electrical anomalies from time to time. Meaning that if you have a dimmer from our compatibility list and are using our PSU with a certain LED’s, the dimming may sometimes not be linear, although this occasion is rare, we would like to be 100% transparent with you. Again, that is why we urge you to do preliminary testing or consult with us if you are not sure. You may call us at 877-878-2348.

  • Q3. How do I know which Driver is best for my application?


    Determine what voltage your lights require, normally 12 or 24 volts, and then total the wattage of all the lights controlled by the driver based upon the rating provided by the light manufacturer. Example: You have 20 12VDC LEDs each drawing 3 watts for a total of 60watts. The best Driver to use would be a M60L12DC Driver.

  • Q4. What is the best way to mount one of these Magnetic Drivers? (Voltage & AC)


    We recommend mounting the drivers vertically for best heat dissipation.

  • Q5. What factors influence voltage drop?


    There are several factors that influence the voltage drop: AWG of the wires, the length of the wires, the load wattage and minimum operating voltage of the lights. This calculation is called “Drop Voltage”.

  • Q6. I want to use a currently installed dimmer with a Magnetic driver. Is that possible?


    Our magnetic drivers are compatible with any standard MLV (Magnetic Low Voltage) dimmer. Please refer to our Dimmer Compatibility List

  • Q7. So how do I check which Dimmers and LED’s are compatible with Magnitude Drivers?


    We are continuously testing dimmers and LEDs with our drivers and have built a compatibility list. New dimmers and LEDs are becoming available on the market all the time, and they will be continually tested to verify compatibility. The basic rule when selecting a Dimmer is to check that it is MLV- (Magnetic Low Voltage) compatible. If you choose to use a dimmer that does not appear on our list of compatible dimmers, we advise you to test the configurations prior to installation.

  • Q8. What can happen if the Dimmer is not compatible?


    Simple, When testing a combination of Driver, dimmer and LEDs that are not compatible, you can experience flickering, audible hum, and higher output at low dimmer levels. Running such an incompatible configuration can shorten the service life of the driver.

  • Q9. Do these Magnetic Drivers have circuit protection?


    Yes. All of our Magnetic Voltage Drivers have circuit breaker protection on both input and output. Our drivers use Auto-Reset breakers that quickly respond to abnormal conditions. They will automatically reset once the condition is resolved. This design proves helpful when the driver is located in a difficult-to-access area and provides you much better protection. Auto reset breakers are available up to 150W. High power units (200-300W) are equipped with “push-to-reset” circuit breakers.

  • Q10. Can I connect more than one Driver to the same dimmer?


    Yes, there is no problem connecting more than one driver.

  • Q11. What specification listings do your drivers have?


    All Magnetic products carry ETL or UL listings.

  • Q12. Are these Magnetic Drivers Class 2 rated


    All of our Magnetic 20-watt through 60-watt 12 volt DC Drivers, together with our 20-watt through 96-watt 24 volt DC Drivers are Class 2 rated.

  • Q13. What is the maximum operational case temperature?


    The maximum case temperature is 90C. We recommend installing the driver in a well-ventilated area to allow heat dissipation.

  • Q14. Can outdoor units be used indoors?


    Yes, all outdoor units can also be used indoors.

  • Q15. What is “Boost Tap” and how to use it?


    The boost tap is for use in applications that require longer distances between the driver and the lights. It compensates for the extended distance by increasing the voltage output by 10%. In cases that the voltage on your lights is less than 10.5V for 12V drivers and 21V for 24V drivers, it is recommended that you use the boost tap wire. To be certain, connect your power to the black transformer wire then check voltage using a voltmeter. If your voltmeter reads less than the voltage mentioned above, use the orange boost tap wire. In order to use it please disconnect the black wire and replace it with the orange boost tap wire. Be certain to disconnect power by turning off the switch prior to rewiring.

  • Q16. How does that load affect the voltage output?


    Please refer to the unit spec sheet that will show a chart of different loads and the effect on the voltage.