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LED Power Supplies

LED lights require an LED power supply or LED driver

Power 277 provides power source solutions for all of your LED-based devices which may include LED home lighting, LED street lighting, outdoor LED lighting, LED moving sign applications, theatre/stage lighting, LED strip lighting, built-in LED lighting systems, and countless LED-based luminaries just to name a few. Our huge LED power supply selection is certain to have the solution you are looking for.

LED is the acronym used for light-emitting diodes. Most people are familiar with the energy savings associated with LEDs as well as their long-life spans. However, many people aren’t aware of the requirement of a driver.

LED power supplies are also known as LED drivers. LED drivers are similar to resistors for fluorescent lamps. A ballast resistor maintains the current in a circuit at a constant value by varying its resistance to counteract changes in voltage. LED drivers provide LEDs with the electricity they require to function and perform at their best. As most places run on higher voltage or alternating current, LEDs run on low voltage or direct current. For this reason, LEDs require drivers. LED drivers convert higher voltage, alternating current to low voltage, direct current. They also keep the voltage and current flowing through an LED circuit at its rated level. Power 277 is your international Mean Well Power Supply Stocking Warehouse.