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What is a Power Supply? Mean Well Power Supply Distributor of America

Power Supply for Personal Computing System - Mean Well Power Supply Distributor of America

A power supply is an electronic component that handles the task of supplying electricity to an electric load or an object that needs electricity to run. The primary function of a power supply is to convert one form of electricity to another, bridging the gap between electrical supply and electrical load. Because of this electrical conversion, power supplies are sometimes referred to as electric power converters. Power supplies come in varying shapes and sizes. Some power supplies are small and discrete, some are stand-alone, while others are built right into a product along with their electrical load (electronic device or tool). Built-in power supply examples are products such as personal computers, cell phones and other consumer electronics.

All power supplies must obtain the energy it supplies, for the load as well as any energy it consumes while performing the electrical conversion task. How your power supply obtains electricity depends on its design, electrical energy can come from many different sources. Some power supplies obtain electrical energy from electrical energy transmission systems, energy storage components like batteries, electromechanical systems, alternators as well as solar power sources. Some sources of electrical power even come from additional power supplies.

Personal Laptop Computer Power Supply

Another form of Power Supply or Electrical Power Converter

All power supplies have a power input that receives the energy from a source. They also have a power output which is designed to deliver the redefined or converted electricity to the load (Unit needing electricity). Most of our Mean Well Power Supplies are built with a power input and output that consist of electrical connectors or hardwired circuit connections. While some power supplies are designed with other I/O systems for external monitoring and control.

Here at Power277 we specialize in all types of Mean Well Power Supplies and electric power converters. We’re one of the largest distributors of Mean Well products in the country and are here to answer any questions you might have. If you’re in need of a power supply, we’re your source here in the States.

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